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commitment ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies

Honour your love with obligation free Commitment Ceremonies Across Mornington, Peninsula, Rye!

Commitment ceremonies in Rye, Mornington Peninsula is considered similar to a wedding ceremony, except that it is not legally binding. Couples choose this ceremony for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is that they previously married in a simple, legal ceremony without celebrating with family and friends.

Until marriage equality became legal, same-sex couples often opted to hold a commitment ritual to celebrate their love. The couple could opt to have all the formalities in front of their guests at this celebration to reaffirm their wedding vows in front of their guests, much like a real wedding.

Commitment Ceremonies – the Celebration of Love

This is a perfect way to commemorate your first few months as a married couple, and just think of the stories you might share! At Suzane Edginton, I can help you arrange a special personalised certificate for the occasion of your commitment ceremony. If you want to get married now, I can perform a legal wedding to suit your needs and budget!

Commitment ceremonies are a celebration of two people’s love for each other. It is a day to declare your love and promises to a loved one, regardless of gender, age, or cultural context, and can include many elements of a wedding ceremony, with the exception of the legal formalities expected to be married in Australia.

I can help make your ceremony as amazing and memorable as possible

I will incorporate as many elements as you want to make your ceremony unique and unforgettable. The importance of rituals and ceremonies in our lives cannot be overstated. We are still reaching for the champagne to toast a success or a job well done; we give out prizes for sports, acting, and tidy handwriting; and we lift flags and sing anthems. People feel a sense of belonging when they engage in rituals and ceremonies, whether it’s to their families, group, or team. They have a sense of belonging, of being helped, and of being needed. People’s ability to deal with daily pressures improves as they maintain this level of well-being.

Commitment Ceremonies Without any Legal Bindings

This is why it’s essential in an intimate bonding like commitment ceremonies, in Rye, Mornington Peninsula, to show your partner love, motivation, and support so they know that you have got their back and are always there for them. No legal documentation or paperwork is involved. This Ceremony can be just like a full wedding service, complete with readings, poetry, family participation, personal vows, ring exchange, and even your original attendants.

If you are planning to partake in a commitment ceremony across Mornington Peninsula, call us now!  

Please kindly contact us now and book in advance.